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THE ITALIAN CUISINE with its appetizing medleys of aromas, flavors, colors and textures continues to gain magnitude as the world’s favorite way of cooking. Italian food is doubly appealing for its healthful nature, for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grains, Vegetables, Herbs, Fish, Cheese, Fruit, the elements esteemed as ideal for a modern diet.
Over the past few years, nutritionists over the world agreed in recommending the Mediterranean Diet and, especially, the Italian Cuisine, based on factors which are fundamental for achieving well-being. Baked goods and pasta, in fact, ensure a balanced amount of carbohydrates, fundamental in supplying energy.

Practice of the Mediterranean diet has been encouraged all over the world for preventing pathologies such as obesity and diabetes, considered the “diseases of the consumer age“, attacking the heart and circulatory system in particular.

For Vegetarians, Italian food have a rich variety of vegetarian dishes which are part of Italian gastronomy tradition.

All our recipes are made with the freshest ingredients, many of them directly imported from Italy

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